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Vitebsk Region
City view

The Vitebsk region, one of the six administrative regions (or oblasts) which make up Belarus, is located in the north-east of the country

The Vitebsk region of Belarus borders Russia, Lithuania and Latvia.

The region is known as the Belarusian land of lakes (BelaruskayePaazerye), and has more than 2800 lakes and 500 rivers. More than a third of the region is forest. Approximately 60% of these forests are centuries-old coniferous woods.

The main religion is Orthodox Christianity.

Towns and cities in the Vitebsk region

Vitebsk is the main city of the region. There are a further 21 districts, 2 towns have their own regional administrations.

Transport links in the Vitebsk region

The Vitebsk region has borders with three countries and as a result has a very good road infrastructure. Several major international motorways run through the region.
There are more than 1200 km of railway track in the Vitebsk region, with major rail terminals at Vitebsk, Orsha and Polotsk. International railway lines between Russia and Ukraine, Russia and Poland, and Russia and Lithuania all cross the region.
Several rivers including the River Dvina and the River Dnieper run through the Vitebsk region.
There is an airport in Vitebsk.

Culture and media in the Vitebsk region

The Vitebsk region has a rich cultural heritage. Its many attractions include more than 3 000 archaeological, historical, cultural and architectural monuments.

Church of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God Belarus, Sariya

There are:

  • 2 major theatres
  • a philharmonic society
  • 27 museums
  • the international Slavyanskiy Bazaar arts festival
Repin's museum Zdravnevo

There are 25 state newspapers published in the region.

Famous names linked to the Vitebsk region

The Vitebsk region boasts links with a number of internationally famous painters and writers.

The Vitebsk region boasts links with a number of internationally famous painters and writers.

  • EuphrosynePolotskaya - Religious educator
  • FrancyskSkaryna - the first Publisher in Belarus
  • Simeon Polotsky - Educator and medieval poet
  • Ivan Hrutsky - Painter

Near Vitebsk, the restored manor of Russian artist IlyaRepin can be found. In the village of Zdravnevo there is also a museum dedicated to the artist.

The well-known researcher of Eastern Siberia, - Ivan Chersky is from the Verhnedvinsk district. The surrounding mountain range is his namesake. Marc Chagall was born in Vitebsk in 1887, and his home is now a museum.
Kazimir Malevich and Ale Lisitsky worked in Vitebsk.
World famous writers, such as Alexander Pushkin, Ivan Lazhechnikov, Ivan Bunin,VladimirMayakovsky and GlebUspensky also have historical links to the Vitebsk region.

This architectural landmark was built in Polotsk between 1044 and 1066 during the reign of Duke Vseslav of Polotsk. The cathedral was built as a symbol of equality with the most powerful Old Russian towns - Kiev and Novgorod, where cathedrals to St Sophia were also built.

The memorial chapel to the heroes of the Patriotic War of 1812
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