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Minsk Region
Culture and sport in Minsk

The Minsk region's many cultural attractions include 2 major theatres and 17 museums.

Sport is also important in the Minsk region, which has 2638 sports facilities and a number of specialist sports schools.

Places to visit in the Minsk region
Grand show at the opening of Minsk Arena

Minsk Arena is one of Europe's biggest high-tech cultural and sports facilities, a fine specimen of Belarus' contemporary architecture

In May 2014 Minsk Arena hosted the 2014 IIHF World Championship. Themultipurposecenter comprises:

  • Arena (ice palace seating up to 15,000 people)
  • Velodrome (one of Europe's best facilities)
  • Skating stadium (Belarus' first indoor skating rink)
  • Multilevel car park
Official opening ceremony of Minsk Arena
Skating Stadium
International tournament of Figure Skating "Minsk Arena Ice Star"

The many buildings and monuments of historical and cultural interest in the Minsk region include:

  • churches in Borisov (18th century)
  • Nesvizh Palace
  • archaeological and architectural sites, Logoisk (19th century)
  • Zaslavl castle (16th and 17th centuries)
  • churches in Vileyka (15th and 19th centuries)
  • Budslav Bernadine monastery (1783)
  • Svir church (1909)
  • Volozhin Palace (19th century)
  • Ivenets Franciscan monastery (1606)
  • Y. Radziwill country estate in the village of KrasnayaZvezda, Kletsk (18th century)
  • Slutsk church (18th century)

The Dudutki Museum of 19th-century Life is a popular tourist attraction in the region.

International tournament of Figure Skating "Minsk Arena Ice Star"

Antique historian Herodotus (fifth century B.C.) wrote about the forest. It was also mentioned in the Hypatian Chronicle (in 983). In the late fourteenth century, Duke Yagailo of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania declared the forest a protected area and prohibited hunting there. The ancient forest has been protected for almost 600 years. There are nearly 2,000 giant trees in the BelovezhskayaPushcha, some of them pre-dating Columbus' discovery of America. The BelovezhskayaPushcha has since been added into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Father Frost's Residence.BelovezhskayaPushcha
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