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Grodno Region

The Grodno region lies in the west of Belarus. It is one of the six administrative regions (or oblasts) which make up the country.
The Grodno region of Belarus borders Poland in the west and the Lithuania in the north. It's a popular international trading partner with both Europe and Russia.

The people of the Grodno region

Orthodox Christianity and Catholicism are the main religions.
There are 498 cultural and historical buildings in the region, including 248 Orthodox temples, 228 Catholic churches, 17 Protestant churches, 4 mosques and 1 synagogue.

Towns and cities in the Grodno region

Grodno is the main city in the region. There are a further 17 districts, 12 cities of which 6 have their own regional administrations and 21 towns.

A New Year tree at St. Javier Cathedral
Grodno at night
Transport links in the Grodno region

The Grodno region has a very good transport infrastructure.

Major international motorways between Europe and the CIS states run through the region. The main highways run to Minsk, Vilnius, Baranovichi and Brest.
The Grodno region also has a good rail network, with international lines to Poland and Lithuania.
There is also a well-developed water transport network in the Grodno region, over theRiver Neman and the River Shchara.

Gippika agro-ecotourist centre in the Oshmyany district
Culture and media in Grodno region
  • 3 major theatres
  • a philharmonic society
  • 19 museums
  • 2 music colleges
St. UspenskyZhirovichi Monastery (17th 18th Century)

Tens international, republic and regional festivals and competitions take place in the Grodno region annually. The most popular of them include the Republican Festival of National Cultures and the Mir Castle Regional Festival of Arts.

The Grodno region's many well-developed sports facilities include a national Neman Olympic training centre.

The international canoeing competition on the Belarusian part of the Augustow Canal
Places to visit in the Grodno region

Grodno is one of the most beautiful cities in Belarus, with castles and architectural monuments.

The St. UspenskyZhirovichi men`s monastery is one of the most important tourist and pilgrim destinations in Belarus. In one of the monastery temples the Zhirovichi Mother of God icon can be found.

The region's main attractions include:

  • St. Boris and Gleb's Church (12th century)
  • Bernardine Roman-Catholic Church (16th-18th centuries)
  • Farny (Jesuit) Roman-Catholic Church
  • Lida and Novogrudok castles
  • Synkovichi fortress church (15th century)
  • Zhirovichi orthodox cloister (17th and 19th centuries)
  • Augustovski canal

By 1943 the partisans controlled about 60% of Belarusian territory. Europe's largest Jewish partisan detachment led by the Belskys brothers fought in Belarus. The heroic struggle of the detachment is depicted in a movie Defiance directed by Edward Zwick from a screenplay by Zwick and Clay Foreman. The movie premiered in January 2009.

Partisans are discussing the plan of an operation
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